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Erika Hastings

Yep. That is the one that did me in a when I first watched the movie. I was surprised they didn't put it as part of the movie because it was the most stunning part for me.

Erika Hastings

Yep. That is the one that did me in a when I first watched the movie. I was surprised they didn't put it as part of the movie because it was the most stunning part for me.


Good thing he didn't show what happens to food once it's inside people! We might never eat anything again! Other than the fries not breaking down, the decomposition from mold and bacteria of the rest of the food is to be expected and not inherently bad. I'm not big on fast food either, but the "runny goo" etc. that the guy describes on the film is from bacteria that are everywhere, not just McD's. There's no scientific inquiry in this film - fast food is bad for you, but not because of anything shown in this clip.


Dis-GUSTING!!! I'm not surprised, but it's ultra uber-gross when you see it spelled out like that.



First, I want to thank you for posting this video. Honestly.

Second, I am hereby vowing to never eat at any fast food restaurant again, even if it means I go for seven years without food. ;-)

Third, that's disgusting, and I actually want to buy a thing of McDonald's fries just to see how long they'll really last...


Heather-Wow! Just 8 and already so globally/ethically/environmentally conscious. That's amazing. There's a bunch of restaurants that have sprung up in Chicago recently that are all about locally, organically grown ingredients. They're still a bit pricey for us, but it's really taking off over here which is a great sign.

Dena-5 years! That's great! We've cut ourselves off pretty much, but like with that last post, it's those trips man. Fast food is all that's out there when you get out on the highway! Argh.


i became "fast-food free" immediately after watching the movie Super-Size Me. it's been 5 years and counting......:)

Heather B

Love it. Thanks for the vid.

My 8yo recently declared that he is going to eat vegetarian from now on. Just yesterday he claimed that he is actually going to try to eat vegan as well. His 7yo brother didn't know what vegan meant. It prompted some good discussion, and some helpful realizations for the 8yo about how challenging it can be to eat vegan when garbage like McD's fries seems to surround us on all sides. We talk a lot about whole foods and eating closer to the source. It's a fun experiment, if also kind of gross, to see how plastic-filled some food is.

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