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Yes, I definitely feel you on that. I was both bothered by it and kind of felt it was really powerful to have that ending. One of my biggest tests throughout my life has been ego, and for me that movie was all about ego and how to overcome it, and the dangers and possibilities of not doing so. I read one critique of the movie that talked about how it was hard to care for any of the characters because they weren't really human. I don't think I agree with that completely, but I really kind of identified with Frodo at that point (never thought I'd say that) because he was such a tragic hero. I can't quite remember what that term means in the classical sense, but I think his whole quest, which was heroic, was tragic in that he was given possession of something that brought him both great agony and a sense of power, but the whole point was for him to destroy it. I think in that sense we're all Frodos at various stages of approach to Mt. Doom.
Wow, thanks for that comment. I think you helped me come to a resolution about that movie. Something was ranckling me too.

P.S. Ranckles is a great word :)


Hey Husayn, I was impressed by the relationship between Sam and Frodo too. Their journey was so harrowing and impossibly difficult, oh! and/but the ending was so unsettling for me that I was really disturbed. I wanted Frodo to be ok in the end, not to be so scarred by his proximity to the ring that he couldn't have a happy life in the Shire after that. Heros are supposed to have a complete recovery, especially when they sacrifice their life for something! But then, Frodo was not a 'pure' hero because he wouldn't let go of that durn ring at the last second. There was some unwritted hollywood law that was transgressed when that happened. Frodo saved the world, but he almost willfully didn't after all that suffering! I know that with some reflection, I'll make peace with Frodo's end and realize that his rewards were in that other land that he was going to, but right now it ranckles (is that a word?) that he wasn't happy at the end. Rrrrr!

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