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  • Claire H.
    What can I say man, she cracks me up! I'll also add that it's awesome having her as a cousin (in-law). Indeed.
  • Anna L.
    Anna just rocques.
  • Erika
    Art + Mothering + Awesomeness=Erika
  • Katie CL
    Awesome cousin-in-law that we get to see way too little.
  • Suzanne
    The new Suzanne blog. Like the old one, just more Typepaddy.
  • FUNDamentals Ezine
    Quarterly ezine about the intersection of the spiritual and material. Also I get to work on it.
  • Kim
    If she's as awesome a boss as she is a mom, and you know she is, that kid's gonna be amazing.
  • Myk
    Talented? Aww yeah. Easy to scare? In surplus. Loving and compassionate? You betcha.
  • NathanB
    One smart fella, in the midst of daddyland.
  • Robbie F.
    Robbie is...well, Robbie is Robbie. Intensely.
  • Juliet M.
    We're learning a lot from this very cool mom and friend we've gotten to know recently.
  • Heather B
    Co-founder of a family, magazine, and parent-support network that I've had the privilege to get to know recently.
  • Heather L
    Completely dedicated to making others happy.
  • Katie B.
    Dear sister-in-law who's a new a mommy, which is totally awesome. She's gonna mom the heck out of that child.
  • Anya
    Dear sister-in-law - changing, transforming, learning, creating, erm...arting.
  • dooce
    Mothering and writing.
  • danio
    As much love and joy as 10 men. Semiotician, philosopher, writer, artist, actor, inventor of the word weblo.
  • Liza
    Dear sister-in-law helping the world communicate better, one child at a time.
  • Kari
    Filmmakers view of the world. Proud to call her my friend.
  • Jessica
    Having braved the reservations of South Dakota, she now braves Chicago, all with the voice of an angel.
  • Bahiyyih
    Awesome mother, awesome friend. (Inventor of the word webble)
  • Lacey
    A wonderful person; host to a family of blogs; the one who started it all for me.
  • Dad
    A great dad.

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Orion-I think you'll be happily surprised by the number of random stuff in this blog. And if you do manage to read 202 blog posts, I think you should win a prize or something! Somethin'.


I can't help but wonder, if I search through your archives, will I find 202 other posts about random stuff? I think I might be disappointed otherwise now.


Vijay-Your wish for a spiritually progressive Fast seems to have worked! I feel really good (when I'm not dying to have a hamburger and take a nap)!

Heather-When I read back what I wrote the thought of the pen cracked me up too! It was like a Liberace pen or something. I don't know if you've noticed but bright pink with fake diamonds isn't really my style as of late.

Mojan-I totally knit. But just scarves. I don't want to get into anything too complicated. I just knit Amia a scarf this winter, which was the first at home knitting I've done in a while. Just the thought of having the needles laying around with a little Amia jumping around made me cringe. Knitting and balloon animals I haven't been able to do at home yet. I'm thinking this summer Amia will be over the urge to put balloons in her mouth and my craft can continue unabated. Oh, and about the movie, I don't know man. The whole thing just gets me every time. The courtship, the crisis, the extreme Hollywoody resolution. It's like a perfect storm of emotion for me. I can't explain it. And I never had to until Suzanne came in on me watching it while I was home sick just bawling. Okay, a little TMI there...;)


You knit? That's awesome. I had no idea.

Pretty Woman makes you cry? Dude, I cry at everything, and I don't think Pretty Woman makes me cry. What part of that movie is the tear-jerker?


I laughed aloud at your description of your old fountain pen. Also, were you guys driving the minivan on Sunday? I'm realizing now that I probably saw it parked behind the Highlander without even thinking about whose it was! Ha!


Yo Yo! I didn't know you're a caffein-feen. Bwahaha! . . . I found your secret. If you're so much into these kinda tangential news edits. Check out the news about a vermont town who wants to impeach the present President and Vice. lol ;) On that note, wishing you a spiritually progressive Fast. Be Blessed.

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