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    What can I say man, she cracks me up! I'll also add that it's awesome having her as a cousin (in-law). Indeed.
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    If she's as awesome a boss as she is a mom, and you know she is, that kid's gonna be amazing.
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I'm so glad you like it! Their harmonies are just, like, perfect! And it's so sweet how supportive they are of their daughter.

I found that the song is also posted on YouTube, and it's a bit easier to play cause it doesn't pause to load. You can find it here:

The song is an old folk song and I found a bunch of versions on iTunes. This version isn't on an album of theirs, that I can find at least, and is definitely my favorite.

Also on iTunes are the children's albums that the lady from Ida, Elizabeth Mitchell, does. She's been doing them since the late 90s. I've only listened to the previews but they all sound so sweet. One of her albums was done with the Smithsonian label, and I think that's her most recent.

When Ida tours they often do two shows - a kids show during the day and one later at night for adults as Ida. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for them!

Katie B

Thank you for sharing the link to that song. Seriously.


I played this song for Teresa and we've been listening/watching it ever since. Can't get it out of my head and don't want to. Thanks for finding it for us all. SO sweet!


I don't know actually if this song is on an album. I watch it over and over again too.

It kind of cracks me up to hear Amia talk about this stuff. I mean, from her perspective poo and pee must be endlessly fascinating. No wonder kids love to talk about it! I think Suzanne is still waiting for me to grow out of the stage where I find potty humor funny. ;)


I love that song that you put a link to. I listen to it over and over again. It is truly beautiful. Does the song Green Green Rocky Road exist on any of their albums?
I love your Amia story too. She will be running into all kinds of people in her life, so it is just as well that we learn how to help them figure each one out for themselves, right? And wiping butts is part of life...could be alot worse, right? I would love to hear her tell it, even though I have never met her. But I can imagine how it would flow without any pauses. :)


I remember Devyn and Georgia going through a phase of talking all about pee and poop together and laughing a lot, I think around 2 or 3. It was really gross from an adult perspective. Matthew went through a similar phase with a slightly different focus. Oy! He seems to be mostly clear of it now...I hope. Even though I do not want any of this talk to be encouraged,(I actually want it to stop), sometimes it's hard not to laugh, especially when it would come out of nowhere. Usually though I can manage to keep a straight face, and say something parently.

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