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  • Claire H.
    What can I say man, she cracks me up! I'll also add that it's awesome having her as a cousin (in-law). Indeed.
  • Anna L.
    Anna just rocques.
  • Erika
    Art + Mothering + Awesomeness=Erika
  • Katie CL
    Awesome cousin-in-law that we get to see way too little.
  • Suzanne
    The new Suzanne blog. Like the old one, just more Typepaddy.
  • FUNDamentals Ezine
    Quarterly ezine about the intersection of the spiritual and material. Also I get to work on it.
  • Kim
    If she's as awesome a boss as she is a mom, and you know she is, that kid's gonna be amazing.
  • Myk
    Talented? Aww yeah. Easy to scare? In surplus. Loving and compassionate? You betcha.
  • NathanB
    One smart fella, in the midst of daddyland.
  • Robbie F.
    Robbie is...well, Robbie is Robbie. Intensely.
  • Juliet M.
    We're learning a lot from this very cool mom and friend we've gotten to know recently.
  • Heather B
    Co-founder of a family, magazine, and parent-support network that I've had the privilege to get to know recently.
  • Heather L
    Completely dedicated to making others happy.
  • Katie B.
    Dear sister-in-law who's a new a mommy, which is totally awesome. She's gonna mom the heck out of that child.
  • Anya
    Dear sister-in-law - changing, transforming, learning, creating, erm...arting.
  • dooce
    Mothering and writing.
  • danio
    As much love and joy as 10 men. Semiotician, philosopher, writer, artist, actor, inventor of the word weblo.
  • Liza
    Dear sister-in-law helping the world communicate better, one child at a time.
  • Kari
    Filmmakers view of the world. Proud to call her my friend.
  • Jessica
    Having braved the reservations of South Dakota, she now braves Chicago, all with the voice of an angel.
  • Bahiyyih
    Awesome mother, awesome friend. (Inventor of the word webble)
  • Lacey
    A wonderful person; host to a family of blogs; the one who started it all for me.
  • Dad
    A great dad.

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Happy Birthday!Woohoo! Mine's tomorrow. I forgot ours are so close together!


I never thought of wearing the shoehorn with the shoes. Hmmm...
Sorry Kari! I always feel wierd telling people it's my birthday. But, in my defense, we did celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday too. I didn't completely dissassemble (in a press conference yesterday Bush said dissassemble means "to lie"!).


Happy Birthday, Husayn!
What's with keeping it all secret... telling me you can't come to volleyball because it's your mother-in-law's birthday! Shooooot!


Hmmmm... Bill, have you ever considered a career change? I think your ideas are definitely needed in the fashion industry. ;)


Yay! Happy Birthday!


I don't know: you might want to rethink the whole necktie/swimsuit ensemble idea before dismissing it so cavalierly. Especially during the summer, I think, you'd be ready for pretty much anything: a surprise encounter at the pool, say, with Donald Trump, looking for another apprentice. And allow me to suggest: accessorize with the shoe-horn and, one would think, you would be good to go! Just a thought!

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