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    What can I say man, she cracks me up! I'll also add that it's awesome having her as a cousin (in-law). Indeed.
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    Anna just rocques.
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    Art + Mothering + Awesomeness=Erika
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    Awesome cousin-in-law that we get to see way too little.
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    The new Suzanne blog. Like the old one, just more Typepaddy.
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    Quarterly ezine about the intersection of the spiritual and material. Also I get to work on it.
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    If she's as awesome a boss as she is a mom, and you know she is, that kid's gonna be amazing.
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    Talented? Aww yeah. Easy to scare? In surplus. Loving and compassionate? You betcha.
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    One smart fella, in the midst of daddyland.
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    Robbie is...well, Robbie is Robbie. Intensely.
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    We're learning a lot from this very cool mom and friend we've gotten to know recently.
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    Co-founder of a family, magazine, and parent-support network that I've had the privilege to get to know recently.
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    Completely dedicated to making others happy.
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    Dear sister-in-law who's a new a mommy, which is totally awesome. She's gonna mom the heck out of that child.
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    Dear sister-in-law - changing, transforming, learning, creating, erm...arting.
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    Mothering and writing.
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    As much love and joy as 10 men. Semiotician, philosopher, writer, artist, actor, inventor of the word weblo.
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    Dear sister-in-law helping the world communicate better, one child at a time.
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    Filmmakers view of the world. Proud to call her my friend.
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    Having braved the reservations of South Dakota, she now braves Chicago, all with the voice of an angel.
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    Awesome mother, awesome friend. (Inventor of the word webble)
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    A wonderful person; host to a family of blogs; the one who started it all for me.
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    A great dad.

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One part that took me a long time to hear was when he finally realized that the Dread Pirate Roberts was chasing him (remember he said, "Maybe it's just a local fisherman going on a pleasure cruise...through eel-infested waters.") he yells out, "Move the thing! And the other thing!". You gotta admire that kind of intensity.


His name, spelled phonetically (sp?), is Vecini. I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

Nathan Davis

Yeah, one of my favoirte parts in that movie is when Andre the Giant and Indigo and the little man (I can't remember his name) are on the boat trying to escape with Princess Buttercup and then they come upon the Cliffs of Insanity and the little man yells "THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY!!!"


I bet the discolored pink skin on the top one isn't its real color. That's probably sunburn, and since it's never seen the sun, it had a rather pronounced effect. Also it's no longer in a intensely pressurized environment, and I'm sure it's bulging some because of that.

The second picture is so insanely scary. Think of it. Completely pitch black, at the bottom of the ocean, and those fish and bigger ones could be inches in front of you. You wouldn't be able to tell except for the gently swirling water against your cheek.


I'm diggin' the ever-changing tag line.


Yeah, the top one has this wierd human-eye-looking thing going on, like it's just someone in a nasty fish suit, or an Orc General suit.
The middle one kinda looks like one of those shrieking eels you see on the way to the Cliffs of Insanity

Nathan Davis

The one at the top looks like the Orc general in the movie "Lord of theRings: Return of the King"

The one in the middle is probably the scariest looking fish I've seen. It's clearly from another age.

The one at the bottom looks like a regular fish, only bigger, uglier and grosser.


The blue one looks like it wants to go out and play with me, and the top picture just looks disgruntled at being washed ashore.

mmmm sushi!


i don't ever want to eat fish again. those are disgusting, but at the same time interesting.


I had a professor once who looked like that last one shown.


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